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Templates (unity)

A topic by AshPlays created Apr 26, 2021 Views: 129 Replies: 4
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hi I have seen another guy ask a similar question for unreal engine, but I just wanted to confirm for unity...

So can we use the platformer templates and stuff and just change out the sprites and tweak the mechanics?

from the rules section "You can use system code (saving, loading, or other common game systems) you wrote before the jam, but don't use anything that defeats the purpose of doing the jam at all (for example, an entire game, or a template gotten off an asset store), or anything that would get you in legal trouble.". pretty sure this means using the templates is against the rules

Now I’m confused. Cuz someone asked the same q for unreal and ans was a yes. Where is the line drawn? I mean I’m not gonna just change out the sprites and call it a day, level design and bosses are existent. And yes ik the jam is over, but it’s gonna happen agn in September sooo q is still valid.


Me neither, wouldn't do that. 

Remember though that paintjam is more about enjoying building the game, there is no reward other than the game you build.

So if taking an engine and changing the sprites works for some, let it be!


In Unreal Engine the templates are provided by the engine like Cinemachine in the Unity. So I think there is no need to recreate the engine. This "default" stuffs can be use. But if someone searches for platformer template I think that's againts the purpose of the game jams.