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I mean ye but compared to autumn it’s relatively free especially since we defo ain’t having our normal pre-2020 summer lol

Now I’m confused. Cuz someone asked the same q for unreal and ans was a yes. Where is the line drawn? I mean I’m not gonna just change out the sprites and call it a day, level design and bosses are existent. And yes ik the jam is over, but it’s gonna happen agn in September sooo q is still valid.

not trying to sound entitled here, but I’m sure I speak for a few ppl here when I say my school starts 2 weeks before the jam begins lol, and I’m just- why? Anywaayyyy good luck in 4 months and a bit

hi I have seen another guy ask a similar question for unreal engine, but I just wanted to confirm for unity...

So can we use the platformer templates and stuff and just change out the sprites and tweak the mechanics?


Hi i'm ttgplays  or @AshPlays. Over the past 1 or 2 weeks I've been working on this project. I have improved a lot in world creation and design. I've learned the basics of the core editor and while I don't know Lua, This game jam was more helpful to get to know core than it was in the first game jam. Comparing the two projects together, you see a significant improvement in the looks of the game. I've gotten more active than ever on the discord, and its gotten to the point that I can't wait to get through school so that I can work on it. I really hope everyone had a great time like me and I hope to see fair competition. Thank you DV for this game jam and Good Luck Everyone.

we all have a 1/10 chance to get top ten so MAKE! IT! COUNT!