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Submitted by Elizabeth Smyth (@untiltheygo) — 7 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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made in garageband because that's the level i'm at :-) short piano piece for a creepy, atmospheric game about a giant spider


Tick Tock...

How does it fit the theme?
you can hear an echoey tick-tock all the way through! was also inspired partly by the boo radleys cover of the queen is dead which heavily features clock sounds. this is personal to me but tick-tock will just always make me think of giant spiders so this is where my mind went

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I like the sinister and spooky atmosphere. Good job!


Love this foreboding atmosphere. This is an effective single track ost, nice work!


These giant spiders have multiple sides to them. It sounds like there is maybe a creepy side, a wandering side, a questioning side, and also maybe a friendly side! Nice piano work and I like the spooky pad effects you used!


Dont worry about thinking that garage band is a low level DAW, what you made in it is really high quality! Really cool atmospheric track thats super creepy and chilling 


As a fellow Garageband user, I really appreciate how you created the clock sounds, they’re super spooky! And using the “ghost voices” synth was a great choice for creating your song’s ominous atmosphere. My favorite part is when the other piano melodies come in around 1:27, it feels climactic. The only thing I’d recommend for that part is to maybe pan the other two piano melodies left and right slightly, while keeping the primary melody in the center. I learned recently that this can help make the track seem more spread out, and it also keeps the melodies from overlapping too much. You could also play around with other processed piano instruments in GB and layer those with the Steinway to create more ambient sounds. 

Great work! :)


Really creepy athmosphere, partly because it isn't really a "scary" or "suspense"-kinf od music, just conveying the (IMHO) feeling of being alone and in a position that may turn bad any second. Nicely done!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very atmospheric. The track is very intense, very mysterious, and indeed very creepy! The piano melody is very catchy (not pop song catchy, but leitmotif catchy, so you can base an entire soundtrack around it), and the way it tenses up even more at the middle, i think it could've happened at the end, for a big climax that get cut off, which would be very creepy imo.

I also wanted to say that there's no shame in using garageband - I used to think it was low level too, but it is a legitimate DAW, and you can create amazing things with it - check out the soundtrack for the game LittleBigPlanet, they say it was made using garageband, and it is downright fantastic.

Anyway, good job!


The opening, immediately, is eerie and unsettling. For next time, try adding a B section to your piece! Instead of repeating the same piano part, and just adding new things to it, try introducing a new instrument, new harmonies, etc.

Great job, and keep writing!


Really good! Loved the countermelody and the ambient layer behind the piano. Very clear melodic theme throughout.