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Submitted by CyrusVirus — 8 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline
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I'm all in for zombie and survival games! and this one... seems hard to survive to.

I like the exert mechanic but I feel there's something missing, like not enough stuff going on (or too few options for the players). You have 4 shots per round and have to choose whether to exert or shoot at 6+ on your first turn. The odds seem to really favour the zombies ^^' Seems like the optimal strategy is to make the boss show as soon as you are in a good position and shoot it ignoring the other zombies if you can.

If that's true, the rest is tactics management, since they move faster than you, that really is complicated, even frustrating maybe.

If enemies cannot climb stuff you could just barricade on rooftops and shoot them... but you get penalty for shooting further than 6"... Dunno.

In conclusion: You really managed to build the frustrating and panic experience of being hoarded by zombies so good job on that, but I'm not sure is a sensation that many people will go for.

Formatting stuff: Maybe it's personal but I had to read too far away to know the winning condition.


Yeah, I'll admit I'm between making it more on the easy side or the hard side, and due to me currently liking Kingdom Death, I opted for a harder experience.

Great insight on the climbing terrain part, I honestly didn't think about it haha. For now, maybe I'll add how the terrains and playing field should not be multi leveled, but it might be an interesting variant to consider. Thanks!

And good catch on the winning condition as well, for that one I'll just admit that I could've done better haha.

Thank you for your input! I'm thinking of refining this further after the jam, and one of my concerns is definitely  if the game would be too difficult, so this further confirms that belief for the next adjustments.


In the end it's about the experience you want to give.

There's a rpg around that doesn't use any dice, only Jenga. Every difficult situation you pull a block. the tower falls (or you push it down), your character dies and you choose how to go out. So you know the character will die eventually but it's still pretty epic.


I'd love to know a little bit more about how you implemented dual purpose design : ) 


Hi there! The dual purpose design here is the exert mechanics: it can make the game go faster, sending in more enemies so the boss will show up sooner, but will eat up unit turns which can make the swarms of enemies unmanageable. Also, it's always a matter of using them to make your shots hit more reliably, or relying fully on basic rolls to keep the number of enemies somewhat manageable - that is, if it actually hits at all before they swarm you yet again.


Very cool!


Thanks :)