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The Night of the HuntView project page

Asymmetric game of Hunters and Monster with hidden movement and secret objectives.
Submitted by Rabid Tucan (@JoeFonsecaHist) — 2 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline
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Hello, sorry I'm late but I just stumble across this and it looks fun! I noticed in another comment you said you were working on a full version of the game, is that still in development? I have a few questions about the rules. I may have just missed it, but why is it important to designate which side is North? Also, when the monster makes an attack, do they pick a weapon, or do they use all their attacks at once? And if they pick a weapon for each attack, how does that work with taking 2 claws, is that the exception? And lastly, I haven't played yet, it kinda seems like if the monster has flying and its objective is to escape, it would be really easy for the monster to make a straight flight to the exit and win really fast, is that correct? Either way, the game looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to give it a try, and I hope you're still making the full version!


Hey DarthToad!

I am indeed working on a full version complete with maps, prebuilt monsters and hunters, and special scenarios. It's taking a while to playtest and balance things and work has been keeping this firmly a side project but it is coming along! I'm hoping I can release it before the year's out. Now for your questions:

It's only important to designate north when not using a grid map (rules for both will be included in the full game!) so that when the monster is jotting down their hidden movement points, they can use a shorthand when moving far from landmarks like this: Round 3: M/6" -> NE

Yes everyone picks one attack per action, the benefit of taking two claws is upping the attack from 2D6 to 4D6.

Having flying and getting the escape objective can work like that yes. It's an unfortunate product of the limited time for playtesting and bug squashing for a game jam. The only solace now is that wings are expensive and there's a 2/3 odds that escape won't be rolled. It's planned to be more balanced in the full release. (balanced point costs take forever!)

Thanks for reaching out and I hope you have fun playing it!

awesome, thanks for the reply, glad it's still coming along! I really only noticed the flying thing because a lot of the minis I have that would make a suitable monster already have wings, you're right it's expensive, but I might be inclined to take anyway just so it's wysiwyg lol. Thanks for the clarification!

You think you'd ever make an updated version? 

Nice to meet you

Your rules look very fun.

Can I distribute this rule in Japanese?


Hi there!

I'm happy you think this looks fun! Feel free to translate this game, but please remember to include my name and a link to this page.

I'm actually in the middle of producing a full version of this game with rules fixes, expanded rules, a campaign, and included maps and characters. If you want to give me an E-mail I can reach you at, I can send you a copy of the full game when it is finished for free.



Dear Rabid Tucan

Thank you for reply.
I will start the translation.
If you allow, can I add diagrams and illustrations so that game beginners can understand for japanese edition?

I'm a product manager for a Japanese table game maker (formerly planning director, now retired)
My hobby is sculpting miniatures.I will play with your rules in that my miniature.

I am looking forward to your  full version rules!

my mail adress 


Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I definitely want to get this one on the table. The hidden movement is a nice touch, and overall it's  really cool thematically.


I like (among other things) that this game isn't merely "uh uh, this big bad monster, we have to kill it!" but being it possible that the monster wants to escape the "hunters"


Awesome! I really like the hidden movement rules and the variety of customization options for both players.


Monster Hunter miniatures game?  Sign me up!  Will definitely be testing this!


Thanks! I'd be really happy to hear any feedback and criticisms! I didn't have nearly enough time for play testing so I'm sure there are kinks to work out.