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Submitted by Bardon — 9 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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Cool game, i enjoyed the concept! Was difficult to get used to but once I managed to get the hang of it I enjoyed it! I liked the interactive level select screen also. Camera could have done with keeping up with the slimes a little better, at times they just zoom out of view and you can see them.

Sold entry and well done! 


thank you for playing! Maybe it would be better when the camera keeping up with the slimes. But then it would be too easy. Maybe I had to make the slimes faster or they could shoot, it is a little bit too easy.


It was solid and worked, but I thought there were 8 slimes in the first level but there were less and I had to wait for respawns which i didn't know was a thing, so it was confusing. I think having only 8 bowls and slimes would have been the way to go. I liked that each level was different in theme. Overall a solid game, but never felt dangerous since I always had a bowl on me.


maybe I had to make it more challenging. the slimes should move faster or they had to shoot. thank you for your mail. to the bug: there were less than 8 slimes in the level? I wonder how you came to the next level, in the script is, that you come only to the next level when you have caught 8 slimes


There was originally less then 8 they seemed to respawn if not then they definitely hid themselves very well because i walked past empty places only to have slimes there later.


they are not respawning. when they are dead they are dead. maybe the slime was hidden behind a wall, i dont know.

Interesting idea.

I enjoyed it, but there seemed to be too little challenge to it.

The basic mechanics, if better implemented, are really good however. :)

Thanks! :)


thank you for playing! yes, it is a little bit too easy. the slimes should move faster or so


The 'Dungeon Slime' logo you are using is copyrighted by the creators of Dungeon  Slime 2. (

Can  you change it out to something else?

Developer (1 edit)

Ohh, no, I can't change it! The game project is at work and I drive now in holiday, I am back on 06.08

It is only the title-picture, my game is totally different!


Ok, I am going to leave the in the jam for now.

Can you change the title as soon as you get back on the 6th?

There are some mechanics involved in allowing you to update the game once voting begins.   Can you PM on the discord channel and we can work out the logistics of doing that?


i have the game at work and i am at the 8th on work again. no, discord not working on my computers, please not, please make it with facebook, gmx, gmail or so


No worries.  The voting ends on the 14th, so as long as it is fixed before then, it'll be fine.

Just fix it when you get back and then reply to this post to let me know you have an updated game ZIP ready.

You can update the art on the page whenever.   However, itch won't let you update the game ZIP file during the voting period.   So what we'll do is when you have the update ready, I'll temporarily dis-qualify the game from the jam, this should allow you to post your update and then I'll 're-qualify' it.

This is not the first time I've done something like this allow a late update to a Jam entry, so don't worry, we'll sort it out. 

In the mean time, relax and enjoy your holiday!


I have now changed the title-screen. When I can upload it?


Ok, I have temporarily disqualified the game.   This should allow you to upload the new version.   Let me know when you've done that and I will re-qualify the game.


I have uploaded the new version


Awesome!   thanks so much for making this change and being understanding about it.   Since the goal of the jam is to show off openly licensed art, it wouldn't do to have a pirated logo in one the entries.  :)


i agree with you. i thought slimy dungeon is freeware. i made for the previous opengameart-jams 2d games, after some months i saw there many 3d models