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SOLVED: Missed submission deadline, am I screwed?

A topic by nassi created Oct 09, 2017 Views: 129 Replies: 3
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Edit. Someone read my mind. On the front page of the jam it clearly states "(If you missed the submission deadline, upload your game to itch and then send the game's URL to". I guess that's that then!

I was so busy updating and refining my game's page that I actually forgot to submit it to the jam. I guess I'm too used to the Ludum Dare way of submitting (if your game has a page you are in).

So, am I screwed as far as participation goes or can a moderator/admin add my game retroactively? This is the game in question btw, if anyone is interested:

Jam Host(+1)

No worries!  Use this link to submit your game:


Cheers, the game is now submitted! I'll get to playing and rating the other games after some sleep.

Jam Host

So glad has this feature!