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A topic by with the love studios created Feb 23, 2020 Views: 101 Replies: 8
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I just missed the submission deadline by 53 seconds!!!


Any chance I can get my project added?

I can't believe I came that close!

Well in fairness, I probably need another hour or two to double check the credits and put together an OGA submission for the new art.


I will see if I can do something about it. 

Host (1 edit)

OK. I have added 1h 10 more.

EDIT : I will add a bit more.


OK. 2h5 now. Good luck.


ah well, turns out the first installer I uploaded was broken and had two game breaking bugs on the first screen.  All three issues were simple data problems, I fixed them and uploaded a new installer, but I guess you could fairly say I missed the deadline by more like an hour at this point.  :(


oh, I didn't see your posts, thank you! thank you! thank you!


using the extra time to fix credits.


oh dear, data problem was worse than I thought.  Something in my tool chain was nuking the links between the different rooms in the game, leading /alot/ of dead ends. :(     So, I used some the extra time you've generously granted to do a little audit and make sure everything's all linked up like it should be.

I've also put together and OGA submission for the art work in the game.


Well, got a play through in and there's still a few broken room links but at least what's there is playable.   I'll fix it all up and add more content for the already-in-the-works After Jam Special Edition!  :)

Thanks again for granting me that extra time!