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Pre-made content? Sticky

A topic by Makhor created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 327 Replies: 2
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Let's say that I started a prototype like 1 week ago and I made some basic movement and camera stuff... Could I enter the jam and use the prototype I have so far? What are the rules on pre-jam content?

Jam HostSubmitted

Rules!? Us?!

This isn't a rated jam, so we don't have a problem with you using the time to continue an active project, especially if you think it works well with one of the jam themes.  We'd just ask that you let everyone know what you had going in so we can see what you did during the jam.  Oh, and don't work yourself to death! Your work is yours to continue after the jam to, of course.

I'll add a spot in the submission form for you to mention any pre-work.

Jam HostSubmitted

So it turns out we do need SOME rules. It's fine to continue an active project or revive a dead one as your jam. If you do that just let us know the details of where you where when you started and where you ended up.

It is not okay to simply submit and old project as a jam entry. I know it's tough to get noticed, but spamming a jam isn't the way. I'm sorry. I will remove your entry if I believe this is what you're doing.