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And the winner is... Sticky

A topic by LarsG2005 created Jun 28, 2019 Views: 84 Replies: 8
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Host (4 edits)

Thank you all for joining this jam and submit all of your great games! Ofcourse, not everyone can win but the winners of this year will be rewarded with a banner they can place in their game!

The winners:

Originality: CaterpillarDream with ? - A Mystery Minigame

Fun: plasmasterfish with Microtransaction Mages

Art: Rambling Indie Games with Gelda

Story: Autofire with Switches and Blades

The Overall Winner of this year is Rambling Games with Gelda! Congratulations!

I'm currently very busy with exams and stuff but keep following this topic and I'll post the banners as soon as they're finished!


Hey... ehmm.. sorry, I dont wanna be mysterious but... the overall results says that our game won the jam hehe.


Thank for the voting! :D

Banner hype! :D


Oh wow!!! We are honored!


Yay! I did put a lot of work, at least into the characterization for Switches and Blades. Not so much the plot, but it's there I guess.

Thank you for hosting this. I didn't do a very good job of pushing S&B when I first made it so not very many people played it. So it's nice having an opportunity to have more people see it. (I've been meaning to put it on Roast My Game for a while now, but I haven't gotten around to roasting someone else's game yet.)


You're very welcome! I Hope to see you next year again!


Pleas check out the new topic The Banners!


Hey! You made a couple of mistakes with us! ^^

We are not "Face the mirror", we are CaterpillarDream! And we are the overall winners! hahaha


Oh oops Face The Mirror is my bad, but I choose the Overall winner not this site. And my decision stays the same; Rambling Indie Games wins this Jam


Oh! Sorry! Didn't know that, we thought you just made a copy/paste mistake!

Congrats to Rambling Indie Games then!