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Cool game, what engine did you make this game with?

Beautiful game, beautiful made. Keep it up!

Awesome game

Awesome game! When are you planning to release the full game? Can't wait to see it!

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Well it seems like you've learned it well enough :)

Forest community · Created a new topic Hey

The ending... Epic! :D 

Fun (too) small game! Please leave a reply if you read this!

Fun small game, would've love to have some more options! :D

E-Mails are send! Let me know if you didn't got an e-mail or something else went wrong. See y'all next year!

Oh oops Face The Mirror is my bad, but I choose the Overall winner not this site. And my decision stays the same; Rambling Indie Games wins this Jam

Pleas check out the new topic The Banners!

Not a Jam! community · Created a new topic The Banners
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The winners need to make a quick gmail or other e-mail address where I can send the Banners to. 

You're very welcome! I Hope to see you next year again!

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Thank you all for joining this jam and submit all of your great games! Ofcourse, not everyone can win but the winners of this year will be rewarded with a banner they can place in their game!

The winners:

Originality: CaterpillarDream with ? - A Mystery Minigame

Fun: plasmasterfish with Microtransaction Mages

Art: Rambling Indie Games with Gelda

Story: Autofire with Switches and Blades

The Overall Winner of this year is Rambling Games with Gelda! Congratulations!

I'm currently very busy with exams and stuff but keep following this topic and I'll post the banners as soon as they're finished!

Played this with my brother, he liked it pretty much. Story is a bit much to read

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Cool game. If you improve the art of the game, this would definitely had a prize! And a explanation of how to move and attack is always a must in a game. 

Thanks for letting me know!

Well done! Definitely the best story-game of this jam!

Haha, love this game! So this guy is in his free time a mage? Definitely the funniest game of this jam

Wow you should make an app for this... Really cool!

Great game and would definitely had a prize if it was a bit longer!

Very confusing game XD Didn't really know what to do..

Small but very fun game. Just like flappy bird I can play this forever! Too bad there is no score or something like that. When a meteor hits the planet it just starts over..

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Wow did you made all this art and sprites yourself?

Last time I didn't put on my sounds, but this time I did. Wow, what a great music and creepy sounds! Still have no clue what to do now.. Any hints? 

Very good game! Did you made this art yourself? Pretty hard to aim the right way. but very fun to play! Great work

Fun little game! Very original idea but a bit short, after about 10 minutes I was done. Keep this great work going, maybe introduce some new levels!

Very cool game! Don't know what to do now tho, I'm stuck at the part where the three colored "ghosts" are standing in the mirror. Or is this the end of the game?

Don't really know what to do..

ha lol this game is also submitted in the Philosophy Jam, you know that's "illegal"?

oof, that isn't much! I hope you do more work in the future because it's really nice!

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Sam, I have a question: Do you earn money if someone buys this or only BTW i really like this work!

Ehh, that little ghost goes way to fast

With what program did you made this game?

Hello everyone!

I'm Lars (pretty logic) and i started making games in 2005. Now i'm a professional game-maker. I have a question for this SCREAM SEASON jam! How do i have to mention scream season in my game? just as scream season or SCREAM SEASON or scream season jam or whatever you like. please tell me!

Great that you made a game! FreakBoi, let's talk about your game: 

- After playing, there's no way to get back to the main menu

- There is no guide of how to play

- No animation when the player moves

+ Great pixelwork

+ Love the music

I hope you will listen to these tips!