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Oh! Sorry! Didn't know that, we thought you just made a copy/paste mistake!

Congrats to Rambling Indie Games then!


Hey! You made a couple of mistakes with us! ^^

We are not "Face the mirror", we are CaterpillarDream! And we are the overall winners! hahaha

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Hey! Our email address is

Cant wait to see the banner! :D

Thanks so much :)

Hey... ehmm.. sorry, I dont wanna be mysterious but... the overall results says that our game won the jam hehe.


Thank for the voting! :D

Banner hype! :D

There is a colour combination in an specific order that you have to click over the mirror characters. Maybe you have to discard some books with weird colours...    ;)

Hey! We are glad you like the game!
Nope, you have not completed the game yet!
You still have to do something clicking them, its related with the books in the shelfs ;)

We made all the art of our game, to let you know and  score in the art category ;)

¡¿Cómo que los mandalas no están sobrevalorados?! Tengo aquí un ensayo sobre ello que lo demuestra... jajajaja

Nos alegra que hayas disfrutado de la aventura! Gracias por jugar!

Muchísimas gracias! :)
Nos alegramos que te esté gustando

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Buenas Ruber, muchas gracias por tu feedback!

Hemos notado que en ordenadores poco potentes el juego se puede colgar en algunos momentos. No contamos con mucha infraestructura y no pudimos probarlo en ordenadores de gama media, por lo que no notamos este fallo en nuestras pruebas.
 Estamos preparando una actualización con mejoras en el rendimiento. Te avisaremos por aquí en cuanto esté disponible.

Un saludo!

We are glad you like our game! :)

We have another games like this (Most of them in spanish, but you can check our profile and found some (Too Many Mouths is in english))

Thanks for playing!


Check your email :)

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Hey! ^^
Now you need to solve the final puzzle. Is related with the shelfs :)
Good luck!

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Well...Timmy threw A LOT of balls! xD

Liked it ! :)

AfterJam Update! 

See full list of Changes HERE
AfterJam Update! Fixed the final text :D

Thanked you at devlog ;)
AfterJam Update! We still have to add another visual indicator but now you can see which of the stats have change.

Thanked you at devlog ;)

Good concept, good art. The music accompanies. It could be part of a bigger game. The enemies should go slower.

Good idea!

Very good story The art was very good but the font is hard to read.

If it had lasted longer we would have continued playing. We really want more.

Good story, but our eyes have not allowed us to overcome the second part.

Have you thought about using twine? The full-screen option is necessary for a text adventure.

We could not finish it, the level of the two lamps and the door in the center with the green and yellow square, the door did not work and we tried to put the yellow square on the three floors.

The control is hard, the idea is fine.

Funny minigame. Good idea. Good atmosphere Good sound

Only one cookie to divide between 4? Were there no fights? hahaha

Great art! A solid game about not-heroes.

Entertaining and fresh for a couple of games.

Good sound, good art, great narrator.

We liked the approach, but we could not see the whole story because of a bug that prevented us from jumping. We could not continue playing because we could not access the flowers in the area above.

The strong point of this game is the sound, very worked dubbing. Good storyteller!

The game adapts perfectly to the concept "Stories". Good idea, good music. Attractive and coherent art.


Thank you very much for your feedback! We are happy that you lived a pleasant experience.

Your review is very useful and we will add all the features you mentioned. The team is completely in agreement with your opinions. When the voting period ends, we will implement the changes to make the changes in the interface more visual. We will also add more information about the statistics at the end of the game.

 Many thanks!

Thanks for your feedback!

We hope you have enjoyed the experience of not feeling empathy in an apocalypse 

Thanks for playing the full story, we are glad you like it! It is true that sometimes it seems that some part of the end has been lost, but it is because the game procedurally generates the final text depending on your choices, and some of the sentences do not fit well with each other.

Thanks for the feedback! We will update it when the voting time ends :)

Thanks so much, we are really happy you enjoyed it :)

We also hate Berry, dont trust him.

Oh! A great idea! I like it! :)

:) Gracias Foxer!