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Share your works

A topic by Kalinka created Aug 27, 2020 Views: 68 Replies: 1
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This jam was really a great time. I love the concept and learn a lot in amking audio game.

Here my entry : unwanted passengers

You’re a baby alien looking for his mom in a sci-fi ship. Find her and avoid all traps and guards only with sounds !

Can’t wait to test and play others entries !! Post a link and a small description of your project here to share it ! Good luck all !


Uhh, i like your game! It has something that i love!

Anyway, here is my entry:

It was my first game, that i created for a game jam. It told me alot about sound design, as i decided to not use a single camera object!

You play a prisoner, that signed a contract with a malicious company called NS-Robotics, that test navigational features of Robots, that are programmed to kill! Make your way through the facility to defeat the terribly programmed AI of NS-Robotics, that leads the facility!

I apologize, if my english is not always the best!