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Looking for a team?

A topic by shiftBacktick created Aug 07, 2020 Views: 134 Replies: 4
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If you’re looking for a team, or if your team is looking for more members, please let us know below! Feel free to also advertise in the #find-a-team channel on our Discord server.


Here’s a thread from zismomusik who is a sound designer, musician, and producer looking for a team.

Hello! If anyone is still looking for a composer, sound designer, voiceover artist, or creative writer, I'd love to contribute to a team. 

Here's a portfolio for you:

I'm on central time and can talk over discord or other means. I have some basic Unity experience but not much programming. Let me know if you're interested in getting help as this would be a fun game jam to jump in on!


Hi, I'm the lead programmer and writer for a small team making an audiogame for this jam and we currently need a sound designer/producer. Message me on discord for more info (merlinemyrs#8293)

Will do!