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Quick Question About Resolution

A topic by Game_Smith created Mar 17, 2021 Views: 199 Replies: 4
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I was reading up on the default NES resolution to get ready for the jam and I ran across an interesting fact that I did not know. While the resolution of the NES is indeed 256x240, it seams that most TVs at the time did not show the entire output to the screen due to overscan. So for an NTSC TV the actual viewable screen resolution or “safe area” would have been 256x224 pixels.

So, I am curious how others have planed to account for this? Do you plan on using black letterboxing on the top and bottom of your game to match the feel of the original NES games, or are you just going to use the full 240 height and just enjoy the extra two tiles that it affords?

I am just going to use the pixel perfect camera and 256x240.

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yeah... even though the NES resolution was 240 in height, you only see 224.  i think the requirement should just be 256x224 since those extra pixels are not seen on any NES game.


I also feel like it should be 224.


This is a great point! If you would rather do 224 instead of 240, please feel free.