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This is really cool!

Awesome game.

This game has great level design. Good job!

Hey i’m looking for a composer, and i contacted someone but they haven’t responded. I am a programmer and i have an artist onboard. DM me on discord if you are interested. Discord: serge#1644

I use the pixel perfect camera to change the resolution without actually changing the display resolution. i suggest everyone does the same, because it works really well.

A full version would be awesome! Great job!

I’m pretty sure this is fine. I do not know for sure though so don’t take my word for it. Good luck on the jam!

Hey I am a programmer and i’m working with a pixel artist, and we need a composer. My discord is serge#1644 if you want to contact me.

I am just going to use the pixel perfect camera and 256x240.

No problem! Good luck on the jam!

You can get the Pixel Perfect Camera. That’s what i use.

Yes right now, but the oculus quest runs on Android os, so it would not be a tap to hit game if it was ported to the quest.

all he has to do is edit a few settings and build it on android, and he is already using open xr, making it easier, although dani himself said that he didnt want to do it because he has other more important things to do, but it is not hard to do. 

They are talking about the oculus quest, it is run by android, and to get it on the quest we need the apk file