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Submitted by Ghost_wave
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Level Design#32.9403.143
Adherence to the theme(s)#52.9403.143
Game Design#63.2073.429

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Phew, that's a really hard game. Some jumps feel very trial and error, which wouldn't be so bad if the levels weren't so long or if there were more checkpoints between.

But the artstyle and music are super nice! And I really like the idea of making a roguelike plattformer. I hope you explore the idea further.


from the feedback I got, the levels are way too hard, it’s just that since I didn’t have time to make many levels, I thought by making them harder, the game would feel longer,

In the end, I made them way too hard, I will be changing them in the updated version 

Thanks you for your input, cheers


Is it mocking me?

This one gave me sweaty fingers. My problem is, that the difficulty often came from problematic controls/camera than from the actual game itself. For someone who did not create the levels, it is hard to make a jump, if you do not see the end of the pit. You have no idea how far you have to jump.

I saw some cool level designs in this game. Some clever and tricky jump passages.

I think this totally has potential, just needs a little more time to get rid of the rough edges.

Nice work.

Developer (1 edit)

thanks a lot for the feedback, I’ll make sure to update the game with a better camera, 

About the game mocking you, looks like I forgot a print() somewhere <3

Definitely needs more polish, maybe a better explanation on using the fall.

what about the controls did you find frustrating :/ ?


I once saw a post: “how to make a better platformer” or something like that, but I am no longer able to find it, so i have no visual example.

What I think is rather easy and would help a lot: If the player presses the jump button right before the character lands (2-4 Frames), perform a jump as soon as the character lands. (Instead of ignoring the jump-button and letting the character run straight into the lave :) )


great idea, I will definitely implement this feature in an updated version of the game :)


Hi, thanks for fun to play, challenging, dark souls - difficulty game... To be honest, I didn't find many items, because I usually end up on the first obstacle, probably beacuse I am too bad in gaming or game is realy hard :) . But I like the game overall. Graphics is nice and clean. Mechanics are simple, but functioning.

Background music fits perfectly into the game, maybe if you set it  a little bit louder to perfection (sometimes it was hard to hear it for me).


I definitely need to make the game easier,

It really means a lot that you appreciate the music and the art because I made it all <3


The camera was a little frustrating because i could'nt see what was below me while jumping, also i found a bug that occurs while dying on lava that got me stuck in floor :(


I am aware of that bug, I didn't have time to fix it :) I will make a new version with a better camera and without the lava glitch, thanks a lot for the feedback.