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nice, saw your youtube video :)

I was here B-)


from the feedback I got, the levels are way too hard, it’s just that since I didn’t have time to make many levels, I thought by making them harder, the game would feel longer,

In the end, I made them way too hard, I will be changing them in the updated version 

Thanks you for your input, cheers

great idea, I will definitely implement this feature in an updated version of the game :)

thanks :)

I definitely need to make the game easier,

It really means a lot that you appreciate the music and the art because I made it all <3

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thanks a lot for the feedback, I’ll make sure to update the game with a better camera, 

About the game mocking you, looks like I forgot a print() somewhere <3

Definitely needs more polish, maybe a better explanation on using the fall.

what about the controls did you find frustrating :/ ?

This game would benefit a lot from a tutorial or a description :)


This is very original, good job, I really like it.

I am aware of that bug, I didn't have time to fix it :) I will make a new version with a better camera and without the lava glitch, thanks a lot for the feedback.