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You love roguelikes  ? My Little Roguelike is back for one month ! It's following the first Roguelike event :

What is a roguelike ?

A roguelike is a video game where the character's abilities evolve through levels. Those levels are generally procedurally generated and death is permanent and there are no save points, so when the players dies he has to restart all the game from the beginning and his character's abilities are back to its initial state. Every game session is different because levels, ennemies and items are randomly generated.

Rules :

Your game has to be a roguelike. It means your character's abilities evolve through time (not necessarily in a good way, it can be downgraded or just... different). When the player dies he has to restart from the beginning and his abilities are restarted too. That doesn't mean the player can't have "continues" (for exemple if the player has 3 lives he can die and respawn 3 times before death is permanent, it's up to you). Procedural generation for the levels is not an obligation,  for exemple it also can be waves of random ennemies that player has to survive, getting new powers/abilities/items every wave etc... It's up to you again ! Just remember :

  • Player stats/items/powers evolve through game session and restart when player dies
  • No save points/checkpoints, death is permanent
  • Every game session has to be different (using procedural generation for levels/items/ennemies etc) so your game has replayability

Everything else is to your appreciation. Feel free to play with the codes of the genra :)

The theme :

Death is just the beginning

Then :

- You have 1 month to create a roguelike game from scratch and upload it

- No prebuilt paying assets, no NSFW content

- You can do it solo or you can team up (team is encouraged)

- Beginners are welcome, so are experienced devs

- You can do it 2D or 3D

- Your game can be downloadable and/or playable in browser

- You can use any engine or program you want to develop your game

Discord :

You can join our discord server to talk with other devs about this jam, show progress of your work, coordinate with your team and ask for help.


Remember :

The most important thing is to have fun and deliver a game before time runs out. Be proud of your work and don't give up ! If you're having troubles with your development feel free to ask for help in the community tab or our discord, maybe someone will help you.

Good jam, have fun and be creative :)

“Happy Roguelike Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

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