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[Devlog] Travelling with N.

A topic by fleece created Jan 06, 2018 Views: 279 Replies: 8
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Hello all, I'm Fleece!

I am creating a visual novel in Ren'py- and all that follows I've only just made up today, so here starts the devlog!

The aim (for now, I change my mind a lot eep) is to make a fantasy VN that's kind of an exploration game and kind of a getting-to-know someone game. Premise: you control a village scout/runner N., and while you are out on a typical errand for your home, you meet a girl named M. who asks you to escort her back to her home. And pass through various strange places etc. I'm going to try and see if I can get the mood of different environments in text because backgrounds are too hard to draw and i love purple prose and if i can characterise the protag and M. as two distinct people.

I've got clip studio paint to do art in, and I might even try and make a little tune for the game after I get my hands on some free music software. Maybe too ambtious, we will see!  I'm only on the first scene but already I've gotten to a bit of dialogue and some basic branching paths. An excerpt:

"N.'s duty has brought her to the famed gardens of the valley region, The Eight Exhales of the Rose in Bloom. Spires of bone frame the area; their white glare casts a shine on the plants. Roses from the earth turn their bodies to the sun while those clinging to trellises blush and gaze downward in modesty. Time feels slow. Heavy in the heat of the afternoon, the garden's scents drift and mingle with the smell of fresh earth, cut foliage, the last remnants of morning rain."

Yipes I hope it doesn't turn out super boring, lol. That'd be fine, come to think of it, just looking to write, figure out Ren'py basics, and make my own visual assets. Here goes!

edit: omfg i forgot the title.


Neat! Is it going to be kinetic or have multiple endings (or is it too early to say)?

If I do multiple endings they're going to be pretty similar. The significant branch will be which middle area you choose to go to, out of two- if I write and draw quickly I may add more options :3

Very cool! Can't wait to see the final project, good luck with Ren'py!


Good luck fleece! I like your idea, can't wait to play the finished product. I'm really interested in Ren'py, almost used it but was scared about having to create so much art. :P

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Here is the quick sketch I did of some crystals for one of the branching areas-I've not really tried painting things on the computer before so this might be too challenging, to draw backgrounds for multiple scenes. But it'd be good practice! If I don't draw them, I think I'd use personal photos or collages of photos for backgrounds instead.

I wrote 1100 words yesterday, today a measly 400. I'm figuring out what kind of things the characters will talk about and sorting them into different paths so there will be some more branching. And, I started writing descriptions of the different areas, so I'm not staring at blank spaces in my document tomorrow :D Sticking with only two so far, but I'd love if I had the time to do more areas.

Thinking I'll have to alternate working on drawing/images with writing so I don't end up hating everything. That's it for today, but progress is progress.


honestly im a huge sucker for games with very few characters or have a main premise of getting to know one character... i think is why firewatch had a huge draw for me. i'm really interested in seeing where this goes--i think it can be tricky sometimes to make exploration enticing to a player if there's no immediate plot hook (though i will admit i am already very interested in knowing these characters). i'm curious to see the character interactions!


I have not done much due to The Depression, but I'm at around another 1000 words and making some story(?). Also, have the meagre offerings of character portrait sketches:

and a little tune in Orgmaker the other day: here

Music-making was way more fun than I was expecting and I'd love to do a bunch!! but Writing is most important with Art after that. Apparently I just really like to hop between tasks.


Sounds amazing! I hope you are able to release it for the jam! :D I can't wait to try it out.