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A jam entry

Coraline Button EyesView game page »

Submitted by J̷̻̇a̷͖͝s̷̭̿o̶͔̕ñ̴̞ with 4 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 6 people so far
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Movie scene description (plus video link if possible!)
Coraline fighting against other mother

Does your game or video link contain movie spoilers?

No (completely spoiler-free)

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Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Sorry about the lack of music...

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The art was pretty good in this! Having music would have given the game a lot more tension, but there was still a lot there already. Is anything supposed to happen after you get to the end of the level? It just white-screens for me...

Good work :)