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Midnight DriveView game page

Stay awake. Don't close your eyes. Not even for a second.
Submitted by CloneDeath — 6 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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Team members
Nicholas Rodine (CloneDeath)

Software used
Godot 3.1

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Amazingly creepy atmosphere (even when I was playing with all my lights on). The sound of the door unlocking was more terrifying than any jumpscare could have been. Not super intuitive, but I got the hang of it after a couple minutes. Incredibly stressful but super fun and looks great, 5 stars on everything.

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MY FAVORITE! is this game 3d? if so, how to you get the camera to have a resolution like that?


Yup, it's 3d! I really love the effect too. It's 3d voxel art with a low-res shader on top.

It's all open source:

In summary, I made a new canvas layer with a large white colored rect, and attached a shader (Pixelize.shader under the Effects folder) to sample the texture underneath at a lower resolution.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I think the controls we're a bit too complex without instruction. Some kind of visual indicator, or just simpler controls would have been great. I love, love, love the atmosphere of this game though. Very moody :)


It's a great game! Except if there were a help menu so players can learn the basics of the game. That's all!


The jam restriction was "no text", but I still could have communicated things despite.

We're you able to get past the first night? How far did you get?


Just passed the first night! I got a bit confused at first though.


Alright. I still want part of the game to be a mystery, and about not knowing what to do, and figuring it out... But I want it to be figure-out-able. That's why I tactically used the color red, to draw your attention.

I noticed my coworker had difficulty noticing the lock, and being pulled out the car window was much too fast.

Is that also your experience? Maybe just that one part needs to be honed.... At first at least.


I'm really amazed at the radio, you know? The fact that it play different channels when I interact with it is so very cool.

I kinda don't get what am I supposed to do at first. The car was suddenly flipped upside down. The third times, however, I noticed the view dimmed like someone's eyes closing. Again, amazing!

Though I made the car flipped upside down again. :))

Being someone grow up and live somewhere where the driving wheel is on the right side, finding out the wheel in this game is on the left side added up some ... thrills. :)) Because I don't know which lane I supposed to take. What if someone else's car crashed into meee??? :))

Conclusion: great experience.


Thanks! I'm not sure why things would render upside down... That sounds like a bug in Godot, maybe... What graphics card do you have, and which version did you play (Web, Linux, Windows, or Mac)?

Eh, sorry. I mean when the car crashed, it went upside down, right? (Or should I say it's "flipped over"?)

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


I forgot to mention, my friend Jared Fry helped out a little with the music.

Special thanks to Dylan Southern, Alex Okon, and Ryan Hammer for brainstorming some great ideas.