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A Brief Metroidvania inspired by Edwin Abbot's Flatland
Submitted by vikinghelmet99 — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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Engagement and general#43.0003.000

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Michael Macha

Comments on the jam
This is a playable project with upgrade modules; but I never really had the time, in the course of a month, to add a lot of dialogue to it... it's been a busy month! The Game's expansion is on my list for the future. I hope everybody enjoys it!

Discord username
Michael Macha#8897

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Interesting idea! Good choice on using minimalist graphics. I found the sound a bit too metallic for my liking.. but maybe it was that the purpose (seems appropriate for the part of the "elevators") .  I hope you keep your promise on expanding the game! ;)


I agree that the music needs to be expanded on; piano seemed effective for a game like this, but I didn't have enough available time for serious final mix mastering. That would likely reduce the metallic feel quite a bit; as would extending the loop's material by about a minute or so and adding a little dampening.

I do intend to expand it; but first I'm working on a premium edition for another well-received game, "Six More Weeks of Winter". Might be as much as a couple of months, but hopefully just a few weeks. After that, I'll likely write up some proper dialogue and come back to this one. I feel like this version could be a bit longer, and have a more refined UI. Maybe some health powerups here and there, and some new enemy and NPC types?

Thanks for playing!

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I don't know if its the movement or the sound but I got motion sick after playing for a bit :/ . Happens to me some times in 3D games with tons of movement close to the camera. But in 2D it's rare.

Well other than that I think the mechanics of chapping the cube are a really fun concept!


Sorry about the motion sickness; that's not really my field of expertise so I'm not sure what to tell you. Happens to my wife, too.


Very original idea! I was telling myself how smart it was to have an horizontal stretch to take the kind of elevators. Music wasn't bad, but a bit repetitive. The gameplay was good, a bit hard to use the strech using the mouse. You could add something to tell the player in which stretch mode they are. Good work!


Yeah, the music was done in a bit of a rush; I was thinking it might be extended by about sixty seconds to reduce the redundancy. However, I had to prioritize!

I think it might be nice to have some kind of a HUD symbol for the module being used. Somewhere like the top-right of the screen, maybe. It would make it a bit less confusing, right?


I like the feeling of the controls and the mechanics are interesting as well. 


Thank you!


Played through it, I really liked it! I think the idea of squeezing and stretching your character to complete various challenges is pretty novel and it made me smile while I played it lol


I'm glad you liked it! I had to think of a way to give A. Square upgrade modules, given that he doesn't have any arms or legs. Affine transforms seemed to be the way to go, especially since they kind of imply an additional dimension in order to work.