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The music is royalty free music from the website of Patrick the Arteaga. You can find the link to it in the game credits.

Thanks, yes it’s working well now.

Same problem with debian buster

A new version with the initial identified problems resolved was published.


Thanks :) ! Yeah, it was a shame but we didn't had time to add sounds during the jam.

Thanks! Yes, we will need to rethink the main groups match and scoring so it doesn't punish that hard and randomly.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we need to add more feedback on the game objectives and some explanation of the rules. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! In the next iteration we will rethink how the losing of points work.


Thanks for your feedback, we will improve on that in the next iteration.

Good job, now is even better :D. The puzzles were really nice.

Funny game, good job!

The second edition of the medieval fast-paced clicked was released!
See if you can beat the 40 levels!


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I don't know if its the movement or the sound but I got motion sick after playing for a bit :/ . Happens to me some times in 3D games with tons of movement close to the camera. But in 2D it's rare.

Well other than that I think the mechanics of chapping the cube are a really fun concept!

I was always expecting the water guy had some sinergy with the water, and the fire sinergy with fire. But I just burn myself all the time xD .

Anyway, I liked specially the jokes you put on the signboards, the needed swaps between the characters to pass the map and the sounds.

Good job guys!

I really like the RPG + Metroidvania mesh. Hope to see the next iterations of this game!

Hello, this was a nice game.

Art and sound were very cool.
The movement mechanics are really smooth and fun.
The only point I thought needed some change was the progression of the game, until I reached inside the cave where some enemies start appearing the progression was really slow and looked like I was just going map to map with little to no difference.

Great entry guys!