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Are free2use or bought assets allowed?

A topic by fantappstic created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 465 Replies: 4
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i was wondering if i can use assets i buy or download for free in Unity. Cause i read two things in the FAQ:

1. Can I use other peoples' work in my game?
We do not take responsibility for any unauthorised uses of other peoples' work (e.g. music, sound, art) and any consequences that may result from its use.
Please use work that you are authorised to use or that you created from scratch yourself.

But then there was also this:

2.Is there any restriction on game engines?
Nope! You are free to use whichever game engine you like - including your own custom-built engines -
as long as you create your game-specific code and assets from scratch.

So i just want to use some Models, the scripts will be selfmade of course.


Yes you can use free-to-use / bought assets, as long as you mention it when you submit (there'll be a textbox for it)!

I have a template that I want to use for this jam, can i use it? Since you can use assets I believe read to go code's are allowed right? (:


If the code is general in nature (i.e. not specific to this jam), then you can use it!

I create the code for the Mini RPG Jam =) , and I believe i could make a good use of it for this theme!

Well I assume I can use it! Thx for awser :D