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Playing these Games

A topic by Yubs created Apr 15, 2019 Views: 67 Replies: 2
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We definitely should figure out  way to play these map-making games online with each other.

The real question is how would we pull it off? 
The only ideas I have are: Using an existing online "paint" app to draw maps together and use cards, or creating a custom "Mapmoude Application" that allows for a virtual experience of the games.


To play map-games I usually use web-apps like Google Drawings. The Mapemounde App is a great idea, but I'm afraid it would take a lot of work.

Our goal this year was to set up the jam and wait for your response. We couldn't be more pleased with the way the jam is going and we certainly have a lot to think about for the next edition.

– Antonio


Google Drawings is pretty good. I tend to use miro (formerly realtimeboard), since it has a couple of other features that are handy for map-games: a library of simple icons for a huge range of things, the ability to lock objects in place (and unlock later), and an in-built chat.

It has a couple of drawbacks, though - unlike Google Drawings you always have a white background rather than transparent, there's a text watermark in the lower-right corner, and if you're using the free version your export options aren't quite as good as Google Drawings. You can also only have up to a certain number of boards at a time, but that's less of a problem unless you want to keep old games around.