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Submitted by wrenpress — 11 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How well the game fits the theme and goal of the jam#14.8004.800
How strongly maps are integrated in the game’s design#54.0004.000
How captivating the tone, feel and style of the game are#83.8003.800
How elegant the game’s design is#113.2003.200
How easy to understand and use the game’s rules are#143.4003.400

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like the tragic story telling:  The overall outcome is predetermined, and each mission is also predetermined as we walk through history to see how it unfolded.

Clever and concise.


Detto sinceramente, per quanto l’idea ci abbia da subito interessato, troviamo il gioco tanto carente di regole da non aiutare nemmeno a creare situazioni incentrate sull’ambientazione. Non è sufficiente chiedere di essere aderenti al setting per poter ottenere una particolare esperienza di gioco. L’apporto dei giocatori sarà praticamente ciò che renderà questo gioco un gioco: alla fine l’unica vera regola, oltre agli spunti per le zone da esplorare, è quella degli esiti… ma non ci sono meccaniche o indicazioni che aiutino ad interpretarli e quindi alla fine restano comunque totalmente nelle mani dei giocatori. Va sicuramente completato.


I really appreciate that you included consideration of the imperialist or colonialist nature of sending people to study a planet, as well as staying aware that it might make people uncomfortable. The fact that the map that the players draw is present day but the gameplay takes place in the past is interesting, but might be confusing or difficult to remember.

This game would work really well as a worldbuilding game for a long term campaign-style game, because you're not just mapping the planet you can also create its history, and it feels really short and sweet.


Thank you! I made sure to keep imperialist implications at the forefront of my mind while I was brainstorming for this game, so I'm glad to hear you say that since it was easily my biggest worry.
I'll  keep in mind your feedback! I tried making the mechanics less confusing by suggesting different colors for different time periods but there's absolutely ways it could be improved. Again, thank you very much. (And yeah, in my mind I can 100% see this as a worldbuilding game as well truth be told.)


It's a lovely game of discovery of the past with some tragic notes. 

I like how the game length and the brightness of the scene can be tuned, but the thing that they are intertwined leaves me colder.

Although this is not explicit, I understand that the degree of success in the scenes is to be evaluated over the nature of the mission. If that is the case, this is my favorite part since the game varies widely depending on the initial choice of the mission.

I'll have to be direct in saying that the game lacks some bold element that makes me want to play it. Nonetheless, it is a very nice work.


You've got it right about the succeess in the scenes being evaluated over the nature of the mission for sure! I'm glad you like that since it's a pretty important part of the game, and I'm thankful for all the feedback! I'll definitely be thinking about what might be lacking and how to improve, both for this game and in general regarding the way I tend to write TTRPGs.