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Theme Announcement Sticky

A topic by hd_ created Apr 21, 2016 Views: 209 Replies: 3
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These are the three chosen game jams. You will make one game to meet all three over this weekend !

1 ) Aram jam:

Summary: Find an inspiring tweet from amongst these and make a game ! There are a lot of good tweets to choose from ! Please include the selected tweet in your game description.

2) Tarot jam:

Summary: Make a game inspired by or based on Tarot. Extra rules: No hate, defamation or bigotry.

3) Stupid and Awesome Jam:

Summary: Make a game that exaggerates-- unbound by reality or plausibility. Extra rules: The game should be rated Everyone.

These theme jams don't limit you on development tools or medium of the game, feel free to get creative and have fun !


Sweet *-*


Weeeeeelll This is ridiculous, i took like 3 hours before I had an idea at all. Although this may be my first actually good game.


Looking forward to trying it out !