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1 ) Aram jam:

Summary: Find an inspiring tweet from amongst these and make a game ! There are a lot of good tweets to choose from ! Please include the selected tweet in your game description.

2) Tarot jam:

Summary: Make a game inspired by or based on Tarot. Extra rules: No hate, defamation or bigotry.

3) Stupid and Awesome Jam:

Summary: Make a game that exaggerates-- unbound by reality or plausibility. Extra rules: The game should be rated Everyone.

These theme jams don't limit you on development tools or medium of the game, feel free to get creative and have fun !


Game jams are a really cool thing, where for a short period of time you can focus your creative skills to complete something as best you can and have a chance for others to play and give comments on your work ! It's an opportunity for you to test your skills and become involved in an exciting community.

However, hosting game jams has become too accessible which has lead to a flood of long duration game jams. Some game jams reward prizes and therefore expect a higher level of submission, justifying the long duration, however many are created without thought for the experience of the jam.

With an ever growing amount of game jams available, it feels there are fewer worth-while game jams to participate in. This game jam aims to take a step towards solving the problem of the dilution and duration of the game jam experience.


  • When the Game Jam commences, THREE game jams running elsewhere will be selected as the Manifold Game Jame THEME.
  • You must meet the criteria of ALL THREE selected game jams to submit into the Manifold Game Jam.
  • You must start and complete your entry within the start date and end dates of the Manifold Game Jam.
  • All assets must be created for the jam, during the jam.
  • You must have the rights to use and distribute all source and assets.
  • You may enter solo or as a team.
  • Your entry must be free to play.
  • You should post your interest in participating in the community forum !


  • A PC or Web version should be available to make it easy for most people to play.
  • You must submit to the Manifold Game Jam by the end of the jam, no extra time given.
  • You can submit your entry to the other game jams (and your entry should satisfy the rules of all other game jams).


  • Entrants can vote on other jam entries for one week after the jam ends.

I don't understand !

This game jam will use existing game jams as the theme !

EXAMPLE: When the Jam starts, these jams might be chosen:

The three game jams have different rules, the first restricts you to 8 bit palette and sound, the second restricts you to a classic arcade game and the third has a theme of "Under the sea". With these jams selected as the theme for the Manifold Game Jam, you would need to make a game that satisfies all three during the Manifold Game Jam time constraint.



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A short game for the manifold, aram, tarot game jam.
An incomplete journey through the cards of the Major Arcana.
Play in browser
Its for game jam and isnt all that good.