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What is AramJam?
AramJam is a game jam taking place over the course of April that's celebrating the work of Uel Aramchek (@ThePatanoiac), author of the website North of Reality. Uel often posts short fiction bits on Twitter—those bits are the starting point for this jam! There's a handy-dandy archive of those short fiction bits here!

How do I participate?
Similar to Molyjam, you're encouraged to dig through the Twitter fiction archive and find a tweet you find inspiring as the starting point for a project. Make as many things as you want, as big or small as you feel is appropriate, but get it done during the month of April.

What can I make?
Anything! It can be a game, a twitter bot, a short story, documentation of a secret cabal—just as long as you can upload it here to share with other folks.

Help! I've never made a game before!
A great place to start is! If you're of the writerly persuasion, you might find things like Twine, Tracery, or Inform appealing.

I want to make something! I can do {W, X}, but I can't do {Y, Z}.
Drop a note on the forums! There are probably folks who can do {Y, Z} but not {W, X} who would love to collaborate with you.

I have other questions!
Send a sweet, sweet tweet to @mrfb, or an email to

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A short game for the manifold, aram, tarot game jam.
An incomplete journey through the cards of the Major Arcana.
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An interactive horror story for the Aram Jam
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