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I'm glad to see we have three submissions so far ! I'll be playing all the entries to see what kinds of things everyone came up with :D

It's hard to guess how many are entering, there were ~20 who 'joined' the jam. I think there was a very positive reaction to this jam so hopefully we can build more hype for future jams :D

Looking forward to trying it out !

These are the three chosen game jams. You will make one game to meet all three over this weekend !

1 ) Aram jam:

Summary: Find an inspiring tweet from amongst these and make a game ! There are a lot of good tweets to choose from ! Please include the selected tweet in your game description.

2) Tarot jam:

Summary: Make a game inspired by or based on Tarot. Extra rules: No hate, defamation or bigotry.

3) Stupid and Awesome Jam:

Summary: Make a game that exaggerates-- unbound by reality or plausibility. Extra rules: The game should be rated Everyone.

These theme jams don't limit you on development tools or medium of the game, feel free to get creative and have fun !

Thanks ! I often look to see which game jams I could participate in, but am put off by the increasing number of jams with increasing durations.

Help spread the word, share the fun :D