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What is everyone's plan for this?

A topic by Themicrocheeze created Apr 01, 2017 Views: 165 Replies: 3
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what kind of game are you going to try to make?


That's a good question. I didn't remember I joined this, until I got the announcement, so I'm caught a bit off-guard.

It's pretty useful to have a list of Ideas you want to try, but haven't got around to yet - regarding the BGE and Blender as a whole, mine involves:

  • implement a game-of-life style simulation, and make use of it in some way
  • improve pathfinding solutions
  • figure out blender's GLSL pipeline, and make use of it in some way
  • build a proper IK system, along with dynamically figuring out hotspots
  • use Blender as a vector-animation tool for 2D
  • find a proper use for compound collision meshes that's not Katamari Damacy.
  • compile game-functions via Cython for performance reasons
  • figure out a proper way of packaging Blenderplayer and it's dependencies, ideally in a multi-platform kind of way
  • find an efficient way to re-map controls on-demand
  • utilize a hardware-camera (or video-streaming in general) in the BGE in some useful way.
  • dynamically generate and modulate sound according to gamestates
  • use sound to drive animation
  • build efficient lightmaps, for renderbaking without having to ditch realtime shadows
  • multilayered 360 videos could be really impressive for a lot of things
  • something using sockets for the achievement of having used sockets
  • a clever way of utilising that HTML-parser, I've written
  • write a dictionary-parser, and use it… ideally not with a chatbot
  • make use of that renderbuffer, because it's there and nobody seems to know about it.
  • find an entertaining use for a virtual-filesystem within a game
  • make use of some economy models to simulate things

I guess, my entry will involve two or more things from that list, but atm, I have no Idea which make sense. It could be fun picking some at random, tho.

First person something. Probably a shooter or sandbox.

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A surreality exploration simulator. I don't have enough time to implement my full vision, since i am learning blender and got started about 9 or 10 days ago, but I plan on expanding it a little and making it a little more full.