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this game jam is dedicated to making games in blender.

Q and A

What is blender?

Blender is a 3d modeling and animation program for windows, mac, and linux.

Why Blender?

Most people think of blender as just a 3d modeling and animation program, but it also has a built in game engine. It's not the best engine ever created however you can still make some pretty interesting games with it.

Is this the only game engine allowed.


Am I allowed to use other software to edit textures and audio?

yes but the game itself must use the blender game engine.

May I make an asset flip?

you can if you want but expect to get the ASSet awards, btw you're working in blender, so originality is easy.

Can I put an actual blender in my game?

First off, how do you plan to take something physical and literally put it in a game?

Also yes you can a 3d or 2d blender model in your game.

Were you trying to be funny with the last Question?

yes... i'll stop trying to be funny.

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Conway's game of life in 3D. Zero-player game.