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Late submission?

A topic by nhuvu created Aug 14, 2021 Views: 142 Replies: 1
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Hello game dev fellows,

Recently there has been some breakout of Covid in my country. The city I live in started a new lockdown, which really affect my progess, due to poor food delivery service in my area. I have missed the deadline for Low Rez Jam the last year, and it would be very disappointing for me if I missed this one too.

Long story short, I would appriciate if the host can read this and allow 12 or 24 hours of late submission. I would also appricate to know if any other jammers out there want a late submission, as well. As I remember there wasn't any late submission in the past jams, so I hope this is not too much to ask.

Thank for reading and take care, everyone.


There has been late submissions in all our past jams, LRJ specifically usually about 10 or so. And like your case, we often know about them in advance even if it's kept relatively private. Any time late submission is generally no problem, but keep in mind the later you are the less ratings you'll get, and you usually need >10 to even be ranked properly.

To submit late, please contact me on Discord (preffered) or Twitter. You'll need to have uploaded your game, then just send me a link to the game page. I can then submit your game to the jam and send you back a confirmation link.