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Dissimilate IIView game page

rhythm puzzler where you swallow dissimilar objects and avoid identical ones
Submitted by Muscarian Games (@muscarian_games) — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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When it comes to visuals, it's fuckin' crazy what you can do with Pico, this game looks super 3D although it is made entirely in 2D.


The shaking effects seem a little bit to advanced for the 80s.

What I do love about it is what you wrote in the description. This really makes you feel as if you found an old console and have no clue how to play it. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea what you're supposed to do...


I was able to play by reading the description on the itch io page (I guess). You can gain a much better user experience by adding things to the game that will explain itself.


thanks for the feedback, would be helpful to know which parts needed explaining right off the bat vs. parts that you figure out by playing a little -- would it help to point out or label the directional arrows for move intent, and the countdown (with labels like "MOVE" and "COUNT" or something? or would that not help explain the actual mechanics? would it help to count down the number of "enemies" left so you know the goal is to get them all? etc.


i added some labels and also if you wait on the menu screen it shows controls, etc. -- i'll try to brainstorm other ideas for ux. thanks


I am very happy that you made a development in such a fast time taking into account my feedback.


of course -- thanks for the feedback!


this looks like an actual old game


thank you, i was inspired by atari-era games


I'm gonna be brutally honest. I didn't manage to play the game. (I mean, not to ACTUALLY play the game). I feel dummy. 

BUT the moment I saw the thumbnail I cracked in panic. It looks so damn good. Ah... The good ol' days! I'm such a grandma.

Good luck!!

- Panda ✨💫


How to play this game. I am kind of confused. It does look like an awesome game.


here are some tips on how to play: