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Space Dust Cleaners devlog (by Rui Madeira)

A topic by Rui Madeira created Dec 25, 2015 Views: 605 Replies: 5
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Hi all and welcome to my devlog.

Here's the basic idea and a few sketches.

The concept: The theme is "Life in Space" so the concept is a game where you need to perform an ordinary everyday task but in space where you have to deal with aliens, comets, etc...

The game: You work for Space Clean Corp, a cleaning service. You must collect all space dust in the level while avoiding hazards: alien enemies, falling comets, laser beams, etc... It's going to be a platform where enemies fall from above (Super Crate Box style).

Here are a few sketches

Main character!

Alien enemies!

A game level. Collect all dust, avoid enemies!

Submitted (5 edits)

libGDX Jam - small update :) from Rui Madeira on Vimeo.

A little update on Space Dust Cleaners!

Currently got character moving, platforms and dust collecting.

I'm quite happy with how the character moves, it's speed and how it jumps. It's fast and responsive :) It's all made with Box2D.

Also I'm using Ashley ECS for the first time and I'm quite liking it.

I tried getting the platforms to be placed randomly but its working quite badly with lots of platforms that you can't reach.

Nest step is to get some pre-made level going (will work on random generation later if i get the time) and make some enemies :)

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Submitted (1 edit)

I am going the same route as you - first getting my game working in a premade level and after that (maybe) random generated levels.

I think that is very important, because if time runs out we have something playable.. and not a great level generator with no gameplay ;)


exactly! Also not quite sure right now if I can get a randomly generated level to more interesting than a hand made one... maybe, if i get the time, i could try some different hand made level parts can could be randomly mixed up to get something that has a lot of variation and also makes sense in terms of gameplay.


Here's a little character study with some form and color variations.

I'm also closer to the direction this will take visually: character + platforms will be mostly white, monsters and hazards will be colourful. Background will be black with some space (stars, etc) details to give everything extra contrast.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Submitted (2 edits)

So.... I didn't write much on this devlog lately because I didn't have much time to spend on making the game.

Between work and the birth of my second son it's been really hectic! :)

So I couldn't implement a bunch of features I wanted (random levels, more enemies, more visual polish, animations). Still I'm pretty happy with it! Its a lot of fun to play and i'd love to see it evolve into a more complete game :)

The game has been submitted here. If you find it interesting please rate it/leave a comment.

You can find source code here

Here's some gameplay footage