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Beyond Ceres - RPG + Cardgame-ish + Monster Trainer

A topic by BoneVolt created Sep 19, 2018 Views: 95 Replies: 3
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Here is the game I'm working on!

Inspirations include:

  • Spectromancer (Spell system)
  • Mega Man Battle Network (Grid arena)
  • Mario RPGs/Paper/M&L (Semi-interactive combat)

You may also find some similarities to:

  • Pokémon (Recruiting members)
  • Plants vs Zombies, Clash Royale (defeating enemies doesn't matter, you have to defeat the opposing base)

You select enemies around you in a 7x7 grid to battle all at once:

Battle system UI mockup:


Title screen and beggining of the game:


Spell animations :D


If anyone wants to discuss game design, or share your projects outside of jams, I have a discord server for that: