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Looking for Team

A topic by Codexier created Dec 19, 2017 Views: 239 Replies: 8
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I'd like to create an FPS "space horror" game based off the classic Ares Magazine game "Wreck of the BSM Pandora".  This game will have players running through a hazardous ship trying to keep the ship systems from going into a cold shutdown while fighting, evading and re-capturing creepy alien specimens.

I'll be working in Unity, and am looking for artists, writers, sound designers that can help make the game come alive.   

I can offer design, environment art (I'm crap at characters) and programming.  If you want an example of something I did myself (with some bought assets) look at Plaguebearer, created for another Game Jam.



sure am interested sounds good I can help you out with the art no probs just list off the characters and art needed and Ill get to work

Great!  I'm writing up a design doc, but I would love to go for a retro (late 70s, early 80s) feel.  Need aliens the most.  There are silhouettes in the magazine or you can wait till I draw up some art for them to work from.


ill get some rough art together

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I'm starting a blog to capture the chaos and technicalities of this game jam from my perspective.  Project Mimir is live, excited to start tomorrow!  It will also be a living design doc as the game progresses.

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really like the graphic nice project here is some concept art I started its just a rough live stream of a monster idea will change and evolve as it goes

Is there a link to the concept art?


Sure but its just a rough first drawing to break back into it