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WINNER andretaono with exploding cows in space congratulations

Prize: DOOM 3 



GAME must be space themed 

other than that anything goes

you can create assets right now, im keeping the rules low, just so long as its a new game, has a horror element, space themed and playable ie start and a finish win screen, the entry date is just to give people a chance to get one done from the start of the jam date to finish 

you are able to enter your project up until the end of this jam and voting is the week after 

condition: if you win you must allow your game page to be linked to further horror jams as one of the previous winners

good luck

steam copy of doom 3 to your account

not conditional or part of the rules completely if you fell like it see below

also if you would like to take part in this together you can form groups feel free to join me in making a game too

join here to form my team or make your own team

games are created together here to form a team games are created together Ill work with you, help you figure out how we can make good games a plenty

Ill work with you, help you figure out how we can make good games a plenty 

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Survive in a space station invaded by aliens. Collect Repair parts to fix the broken appliances.
Explore 3D Worlds in a Truly infinite galaxy. Find The Light. Enjoy.
A farmer with a shotgun and a deadly alien virus - in space.
SEPA is a planet exploration game that takes place in an alien galaxy.