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The Walk of LifeView game page

Complete administrative tasks until you die.
Submitted by papercookies (@adampi) — 8 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Interesting game, though I wasn't sure why some documents were okay and others were not. I included it in my compilation video of all of the Jamington games, if you’d like to take a look :)


Whoah, thanks for the review :) Speaking of the sound, I learned something new in this is jam. I normally use real-life sound design and ambient noises during my animation classes. And I tried applying those skills in this game and the result is actually really interesting. So I'm kinda glad you noticed! I definitely agree on how the text is a bit small but you can fullscreen the game which makes it a hell of a lot better. Thanks :)

Good points:

  • Fantastic concept. It's like Papers Please but for a democracy. Genuinely laughed.
  • Nice use of sound. It always seems to get overlooked in jams.
  • Soul-crushingly boring which I suppose is the point.
  • Pretty damn polished.
Bad points:
  • Font size and color make it difficult to read
  • That's about it

Very cool! :P


Thanks for trying it out! You're right, you have to check whether it's the correct info according to the start screen. I didn't want to make it able so you could check because that would've been too easy in my opinion.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention: I think the 1st screen has a typo. It says "fillec in correctly", not "filled in correctly". ^^;


Interesting attempt to put a twist on the Papers, Please formula. I like the idea that you have to keep your paperwork correctly filed throughout your life; the bar on the top is really interesting, and how the person grows older and eventually dies. Kinda making a commentary on something there.

But I really don't understand what papers are Valid and Invalid. For my playthrough I validated every paper that had my country on it, and I got through fine. I assume you need to match the info on the 1st screen with your papers in the game? But it's not clear, and you can't go back to see that info later, so . . . ?

Even so, I like the twist on the formula. Nice work! :)