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Thank you jammers! Sticky

A topic by IndieCade created Apr 20, 2020 Views: 319 Replies: 1
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Host (1 edit) (+1)

On behalf of IndieCade and the Games for the Future Team we are so delighted that you are joining us for this meaningful Jam!

We wanted to share a few details with you…. 

We are hanging out on Discord – - easy way to ask questions, chat, whatever. We have #looking-for-group channel where you can meet others who are working on the jam, and many other channels dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible.

We have some times for Q-and-A’s and chats on Zoom. Join us from 3 – 5pm Pacific each day where one of the jam organizers will be available to answer any questions you have:

Meeting ID: 969 2275 0224

If you haven’t seen, we have a wonderful Keynote and Mentor video’s posted for inspiration.

If you have any screenshots, work you are doing or anything you are posting on social media tag us #ClimateJam @indiecade so we can repost! Also post in the #show-and-tell channel on Discord.

Interested in play testing? And/or joining a showcase at the end of the jam? Just let us know on Discord and we will post some options.

We are planning to do a Twitch stream following the jam on the IndieCade Twitch channel featuring all of the games made at the jam, If you would like your game to be a part of the final presentation please create a video of 3 minutes or less including gameplay footage/narration/stories about the process of creating the game, whatever you feel you want to share about the game, your team and your experience and include the video in your submission or a link to it on YouTube. Your video should include the game name, team name (if you have one) and any identifying information about your team members that you wish to include (names, roles, etc.). We will give you a warning in advance of the stream going live so you can watch and promote it to your friends and followers.

Following the jam, we will be giving Acknowledgments, Awards, and some prize packages - including original nature photography, media promotion, inclusion at IndieCade, and contributions to offset Carbon Emissions in your studio or your own name ! 

Grand Jury’s Choice

Positive Impact  

Most adventurous/ innovative

Best reflects the idea of discovery/explore (inspired by our friends at Niantic)

As well as honorable mention awards in art, design, sound and more … 

 Want to learn more or send us an email to

 Haven’t joined yet? Plenty of time to still join!! You are still most welcome!!! 

 We look forward to seeing your creative and meaningful work!

 Your friends at IndieCade and Games for the Future.

Jam Host(+1)

Our friends at Unity have provided this list of resources for jammers as well: