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Fish in trench coats with guns.
Submitted by Hailrig — 14 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline

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People's Choice Vote#1192.6362.636

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Lucas Harvey, Michael Cyrenne


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Rating the games using the judges categories just for fun


Controls were easy to use and had a nice learning curve. You could have given the tips for the bullet time and the biting mechanic earlier however. Difficulty was pretty hard initially, but with the healing on biting enemies, it became pretty fair

Bosses were really frustrating however, specially the second one. The screen is filled with so many bullets and there are far too many situations where you just can't dodge no matter what

Overall pretty neat. Requires boss balancing. Perhaps a little less cooldown on the dash

[15/20] -> Doubled to 30


Fun aesthetic. Everything looked nice and consistent. Music in the first level was good, but the one in the second part got annoying after a while. Sound effects were good and complemented the action well. I think it overall needs to be more animated however



It starts up super difficult and the lack of initial explanation could drive players away at the door. Once I got the hang of things however, I found myself enjoying the ride, although having to backtrack for keys was not super fun

I was almost ready to give up at the first boss, but I kept going and managed to beat it. The second boss was too much however



This can be a great experience. It has a solid core with an unique mechanic for the genre and an original aesthetic. It just requires more content and visual/difficulty polish


Total: 72/100 (4 stars)


Thanks for the detailed comment, miracleJester! We had a heck of a time trying to balance the boss, as you noticed. I would agree that it requires some fine tuning - we will definitely take your feedback into account moving forwards!


As already mentioned, the tips should definitely be given before you need to know them. Took me a second to realize it worked like a twin stick shooter. I was like...why am I walking backwards lol. It's a very unforgiving game. A little feedback on how much health I have would have been a big help. It promises fish in trenchcoats with guns and that's definitely what it delivers. Fairly fun game and I hope you develop it further


Thanks for your comment, theamazingb! Health was an interesting issue for us that we'd probably revisit if we continue development.  We'll take note of your comment around adding more feedback to health, you should certainly know you are about to die before you meet your doom!


This was fun! Started out a bit hard getting the hang of things, but then it was a good difficulty, and an enjoyable time - found myself wanting to play more at the end. Good job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!


Tip: when making tutorials, give your player the information before they need it.


Thanks for the comment, Colin. We were concerned about front loading the game with words, as the experience itself is a very "go fast and break things" style of pace and we didn't want it to start slow. We had also hoped to implement some safer space at the start of the level that would teach you how things work in a more forgiving and interactive nature, but that was cut due to the eternal march of time towards our deadline. Still, in hindsight I agree that it would have been better to front load all of the information and accept the 30 seconds of rules exposition to ensure the player had all of the information they need.