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A jam submission

A Corrupted WorldView game page

Submitted by EnJoIu Inc. — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
Iuri Alves, João Mezes

EnJoIu Inc.

RPG Maker VX Ace

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Jam Host

Disqualified - Tileset error after first boss blocks progression.

I dunno if it's a problem with just me but I can't hear any background music.. I hear the sound effects from the menu but that's it. o.o
Also.. I'm a bit confused.. I like the look of the game, the maps look nice but there's no intro and honestly I got no clue what the hell I am looking for? 
I ended up the game with just 10 minutes in because I got stuck in the pyramid, in the 2nd floor. I don't see anywhere to go from there. I got the rope so I'm guessing I have to use it there somewhere but I don't know where. T^T
Btw: The little girl near the wishing wheel  will take your money twice. I gave her one coin and then when I interacted with her again later she asked for one again! 
Overall thoughts: I didn't really dislike or like the game. It felt kind of empty because the dialogue with the npcs didn't really make much sense to me, it was like part of the story was missing. The only thing that gave me a little hint about who the hero was it was his status and that just left me more curious without knowing where to go to get my answers. 
I hope you'll continue working on this project, it looks interesting.
Good luck!


Yeah, that's what happens when you have to rush projects because of other stuff xD. Don't know what is up with the music though, we both hear it fine on our computers. In the pyramid, you go to the first floor, lower left corner, there's a hole there for you to use it on (I know, confusing as hell but we had to rush a LOT).

Thank you for that info about the girl (that stealing lil ****)
We know it's a bit empty, we're still gonna try and add more to it obviously so just sit tight and we'll have more soon.

We're glad you think it's interesting :D

Is there a way to get past the first room? I'd like to experience the game, but I'm honestly stuck there, whether or not there's a way out.

Hey, if you are talking about the first room, yes there is, just go into the fireplace, and hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

I seem to have run into an invisible wall now. This path opened up yet I can't walk into it at all.

Ohh boy, I sure feel silly for missing that. I seem to 

Yeah im sorry, we made a mistake with the floor and when we figure it out it was too late to re-upload the game to the contest.
We will probably upload it to our page when we can resolve everything because seeing it again and again we saw some more stuff wrong with it, it will not be to the contest because its already closed but yeah, since it was our first game and the first time using something to creat a game we did some mistakes here and there.

I'd like to see the game in it's full glory if you guys release an update. Best of luck.