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A very short game about a cat cafe for IGMC 2017.
Submitted by Caz (@cazwolf) — 5 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 45th with 5 votes

People's Choice Vote#455

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  • For a game made in just a day, this was pretty impressive. The character design and street environment was charming. Gameplay was pretty simple and I wish there was greater variety in terms of how you catch the cats, but again the time frame has to be taken into consideration. I can’t help but wonder if you had used the whole month what this would have looked like. Keep at it and you could find an audience. After all, who doesn’t love cats?

    Score: 43/80

  • 44/80

    While the gameplay is fine for a shorter game, there are several issues such as the lack of clarity as to what item works with what target and when the target is ready to be picked up. To make the game longer, this would need to be fixed. In addition, due to the lack of clarity, it is possible for a player to mess up. Also, please make sure you have a clean ending (You didn’t properly stop the game so you can still open the menu)

    The story isn't really all that reasonable. In fact, there would be some major issues with the concept such as food cleanliness from keeping cats in a cafe. The music is reasonably calm and works well and the graphics are clean enough that you can easily find your targets

    It honestly feels like it is supposed to be a time/resource management game, but it lacks the fine mechanics to really bring that out. While it is a short and sweet game, there are multiple mechanics to be improved upon if it is to ever be extended. The earnings from the cafe feel arbitrary as there is little you can do to really change the earnings, as an example.

Team Members
Marimo, Ocean, Caz

RPG Maker MV

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Kitties! ♥♥
It's too bad you didn't have more time to work on this.
I really liked playing the game.. It was really short but really cute! 
I would love to see more content in the game. I'll keep my eye on it! 


What a shame about the lack of time! It was worth pushing it to submit just for the chance to walk around the map though. The artwork and assets are so nice <3 Are you going to try to develop this further? 

If so, the only thing I'd note is that the font does cut off a pixel, so you might want to try this fix or choose another. 


Thanks for playing and for your comments! I do intend to work on this game on the backburner, but it's unlikely I'll have much progress any time soon sadly. :( I had noticed the text cutoff actually but I was in a real big rush to get it out, but I'll definitely be using that fix! Thanks! :D


Very solid, looks great (really great) and plays well but unfortunately not much content, takes about five minutes.

Well worth a few minutes of your time.


Thanks Fomi!! <3


This is a cute concept. Love the business tycoon/sim game. It looks great!