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Thank you so much for all the wonderfully detailed feedback. I knew of some of the problems and gleaned massive insight from your suggestions. I was laughing aloud and nodding my head, I know my failures and the things I simply ran out of time on. Not an excuse, just a fact. I tried to add too much in a small amount of time and hurt myself for it. KISS. I forgot KISS. (Keep it simple. .stupid. )

I know what I want in the game, it is just figuring out how to use RPGMMV to make it happen. I was disappointed with my final product not being as polished as I wanted it, so I'm actually impressed it garnered any attention. And I can't lie, there are things I straight up forgot to add or re-add because it was taken out at some point. Like the bartender, I'm sorry for the bartender. He did have dialog at one point...I honestly don't remember deleting it.

There was a lot of late nights and last minute overhauls to things, it gets a bit fuzzy.  Like the map, it was a bunch of small maps that led to each other, then I got the bright idea to make it one giant map, and that was erroneous. I ran out of time to finish the office computer system, so I thought I was being clever by making it inaccessible for the meantime. Just stuff like that, trying to button up temporary loose ends for the Jam as I didn't or couldn't finish them on time. And the maintenance man and his lack of dialog, I am ashamed... For what it is worth, I had wanted to attach mini games to each of the "covers" to give your agent credibility and an excuse to search the hotel for clues about Heisner.

Right now I am learning quest tracking systems, as the lack of one bothered me as well. There was a semblance of one in one of the builds that didn't make it into the Jam File. I was also working on how to change the character model, as sometimes the "Change character" doesn't always work like it is supposed to. Or it pulls the wrong image part of the time, like the doors that teleport you to the same location even thought they are set to different map locales. I'm also figuring out how to make the game open ended and give players choice. I may scrap preset characters for character creation and make actual classes with specific skill sets to those classes. But first, a quest system. Which entails adding every quest to the system from the get go, or going a more rudimentary route. There's too many options and I need to narrow my focus to bits and pieces.

I intend to set the game back to square one and work out from there. Scrap or fix what didn't work and refine what did . I also toyed with adding a hacking system in place of a combat system and the hotel floors are designed that way as I was also debating about a sort of stealth system, where your character is sneaking through the hotel past security. I will probably scrap that idea, though. Well for the hotel. I may use it later in the game. And I was debating about a tutorial of sorts.....Maybe opening with a training situation instead of just pitching the player in head first. 

I'm still thrilled for the critique and you actually helped renew my vigor and excitement for this project, it has flagged massively during the holidays. So again, profuse thanks! I loved the fact you pointed out weakness very structured and detailed as well as parts you really enjoyed. It really gives me a better idea of where to go from here as to adjusting the game. Hopefully I can save my beautiful disaster and I'd be delighted for future feedback on game updates. Take care and have a great day!

Impressive! This takes talent and an eye for detail. It is gorgeous! 

Thank you for your items, the time and effort that went into them. As someone making themselves understand pixel art for the sake of a custom Icon Set, I can appreciate how annoying and time consuming this can be. These are the bees knees!

This is just AWESOME! You have a great eye for perspective. 

I had issues with my original submission upload as well. Can't wait to check out your game. As a D&D and JRPG fan, I think it'll be fun. and thanks ! 

I didn't mention in the blurb this is a sort of point and click adventure/exploration game. It will have stealth elements, I don't know if I want to do a traditional combat system or not. This is my first game, as my first experience with RPG maker was in July with VX Ace, and then MV in Oct. I welcome feedback, things to improve or change.

I'm, like I said, it's my first game and I wouldn't have gotten it completed without my husband, yanfly plugins, a lot of youTube tutorials. And I just realized I forgot to re-enabled the logo from play testing before I packaged the file.

This is a cute concept. Love the business tycoon/sim game. It looks great! 

Please leave feedback! We welcome it! I'm stoked to have actually completed a game and posted it. Good Luck to everyone in the IGMC 2017 Game Jam!!! So Exciting!

I love the fact you went with D&D. When I first got RPG Maker VX Ace, I'd also wanted to make a D&D Forgotten Realms game. So I love this. Can't wait to try it out!