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A trick or treat contest!
Submitted by Claire — 4 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 45th with 5 votes

People's Choice Vote#455

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  • This is a cute game and it’s such a natural idea that I’m surprised it isn’t done more often. The Halloween trick or treating experience fits very nicely into the typical RPG tropes and the visuals are appropriate cutesy. Wandering the neighborhood is fun, although the combat was probably the game’s weak point. It got old pretty fast and I wondered if it was needed for the game to work. Regardless, this was a fun playthrough and I hope you’ll continue with it.

    Score: 57/80

  • 52/80

    Very misleading start as to the goals of the game, leading to making the game harder. It seemed like certain classes had certain advantages based on the character. The game has a lot of hidden traps that don't really make the game more fun. During the maze scene, the game doesn't allow for saving and for a while after, it still doesn't. Some classes just completely felt useless, especially with how hard it is to recover your mp bar due to resource limits.

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Only myself.

RPG Maker MV

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Developer (5 edits)


Yes, sadly I ran out of time to implement many features, but the games goal was meant to be 1 of 2 different goals.
(The established one early on is part of the pacifist run. But the pick of the last party member was placed before the goal was established, so you wouldnt pick them based on that goal. They also still help your MP users gain more resources and the items needed to be more useful)

The game is almost entirely possible w/o combat, which was part of the design. but there was no ending/reward made for such a run before time ran out. (I actually didnt intend for combat to be in the game originally, but I felt some people may enjoy having it.)

If players wanted to go through candy and combat, I wanted to allow them, but it wasnt the original method I intended. (And you can still avoid all encounters except the final one, and still win, if you have enough MP users)

I would mention the harder to use MP classes are only harder to use when the games secrets are unknown, but are the most powerful once you know how to abuse the system. (Even had to adjust the last encounter, due to how easy they made it, and still make it.)

It's interesting to hear the 'traps' made things worse, as i felt it added to atmosphere, plus most of them were all hinted at, and or could be escaped. (Hints for the box, and jumper, were the NPCs near them.)

I also had another player mention the maze gave them issues, but with my playthroughs, and my friends play throughs on their PCs didnt have that issue, so I'm a bit confused what happened there.

**Oops, forgot to mention, the characters do have their small differences, which arent strong enough to make certain groups worse, but are just barely enough to make weaker groups better. (example: If you dont want a Zombie, or the zombie is out of energy, you can have one of your party members a vampire, which on the right character is almost a guaranteed heal. Which is valuable in a game with no combat healing. Then another character has a similar effect of not being attacked. Mix these together, and you can make the 2 remaining characters more bulky, to withstand attacks. If you're having MP problems, pick the class which gives MP to other users. You have enough options to make it work, but you're going for a different ending with the combat route.)


Halloween have turned into an interesting game. :) First I went with 3 witches and died. then I chose different costumes and dog and was ok. There wasn't too much money to easily buy every thing at the end. ;) There were bunch of choices, and I liked the jokes especially at the end.
I ran into a bug when I raced with the boy to the fountain. After that the other brothers were in the party but weren't following me and I couldn't access menu and save.

Developer (2 edits)

The menu and the party display was turned off for the fountain part, but you're saying when you exited the area, the menu/party didnt return?

(I know I should have enabled it right away, rather than waiting for you to exit, as it felt weird to have it still disabled until you left. But I saved that for later, due to time constraints. But if it still didnt enable, im curious as to what may have happened. Thank you, I'll look into it.)

Oh I should also mention, you're correct in that there was very limit amounts of cash(candy) to be spending, but the last shop NPC was there in case you either missed one of the good items, as they are all found somewhere, or if you wanted a 2nd one, of the same item.but since they can be quite powerful, I made sure you couldnt buy too many, and maybe just 1, depending on how much candy you have. Which I think the max you would have by the end is like 500~ish (Of course this requires knowing all the secret spots etc)

(EDIT: I also tried a game with 3 witches and with the right build/items, I actually found the combination to be quite overpowering. I had to edit some content, due to how powerful 3 witches were by the end. But You do need to know the games secrets, in order to maximize their potential, otherwise they might be one of the weakest options to start out with)


Yeah it didn't return, with Candy Corn costume was ok and no ace.  If it helps, do you want me to make a video?


It's very cute :) There's a lot of player choice, the artwork is nice and of course, it's very halloweeny!

Didn't find any bugs, although there were a few typos around, talking to dad, mum when we're leaving the house, one of the adults says 'you're costumes' instead of your, and one of the children. (It was the mummy, but I'm not sure if the npc costumes swap depending on what the player picks, which would be pretty cool.)

The dog could have done with a face for the menu I think, and it was a bit of an odd choice that you could walk through npcs, though I suppose it stops them from blocking doors. 

You did a really nice job spookifying the battle system. Unfortunately it wasn't really engaging for me. I should have probably been a bit more strategic about picking costumes since I just went with my favourite creatures, and ended up feeling really powerless, but I don't like turn based battles so that's not really a fault of the game. Overall, great job!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

@Rhino Thank you for pointing out where to find the typos I missed!
The dog and baby lacked portraits due to the time limit sadly. An updated version will be made after the contest.

The other trick or treaters can only be walked through when they step onto someone elses yard/walkway, since RPG Maker MV has an issue with loading events that aren't on screen. Depending on what the player does, they can cause NPCs to permanently block themselves into small spaces. Once the NPCs are on the sidewalk, they can't be walked through anymore. (I could make an edit, and make them passable under other conditions, to remove this, but being in a rush, I picked what was quicker to make.)

By the way, which costumes did you pick?
(Also, I tried to make the game possible to beat w/o using combat, but I didn't have time to make the alternate ending for a "non-combat route". Which I plan to also add in the update. But the rest of the combat can be avoided or ran from.)

Again, thanks for taking the time to tell me this!


I went with a vampire as my main, and I ended up calling my siblings Boo and Goo so I couldn't resist the ghost and werewolf 'cuz I thought it'd be so cute! Maybe I should have gone to the witch and been more true to myself haha.

I did manage some of the battles, but I felt like most of the time I was just running back to mum and it felt a bit tedious to me. You did a great job getting everything to work as well as it did in the time so I wouldn't be upset about missing the non-combat route, but I think that's a nice idea for an update since it'll open your game up to a wider audience, and multiple endings are always great for replayability :)

Short, SWEET and to the point very cute game. well done!