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Yes, sadly I ran out of time to implement many features, but the games goal was meant to be 1 of 2 different goals.
(The established one early on is part of the pacifist run. But the pick of the last party member was placed before the goal was established, so you wouldnt pick them based on that goal. They also still help your MP users gain more resources and the items needed to be more useful)

The game is almost entirely possible w/o combat, which was part of the design. but there was no ending/reward made for such a run before time ran out. (I actually didnt intend for combat to be in the game originally, but I felt some people may enjoy having it.)

If players wanted to go through candy and combat, I wanted to allow them, but it wasnt the original method I intended. (And you can still avoid all encounters except the final one, and still win, if you have enough MP users)

I would mention the harder to use MP classes are only harder to use when the games secrets are unknown, but are the most powerful once you know how to abuse the system. (Even had to adjust the last encounter, due to how easy they made it, and still make it.)

It's interesting to hear the 'traps' made things worse, as i felt it added to atmosphere, plus most of them were all hinted at, and or could be escaped. (Hints for the box, and jumper, were the NPCs near them.)

I also had another player mention the maze gave them issues, but with my playthroughs, and my friends play throughs on their PCs didnt have that issue, so I'm a bit confused what happened there.

**Oops, forgot to mention, the characters do have their small differences, which arent strong enough to make certain groups worse, but are just barely enough to make weaker groups better. (example: If you dont want a Zombie, or the zombie is out of energy, you can have one of your party members a vampire, which on the right character is almost a guaranteed heal. Which is valuable in a game with no combat healing. Then another character has a similar effect of not being attacked. Mix these together, and you can make the 2 remaining characters more bulky, to withstand attacks. If you're having MP problems, pick the class which gives MP to other users. You have enough options to make it work, but you're going for a different ending with the combat route.)