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Artist/Programmer (Looking for team)

A topic by breadvox created Mar 06, 2018 Views: 299 Replies: 3
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Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for a team. Normally I work on projects by myself but I feel like collaborating could be really fun and getting something done in such a short amount of time sounds really exciting.

If you'd like to see some quick examples of  pixel art I've done you can look up @breadvox on IG. (I can do different resolutions but those are just some basic examples.) Of course if you don't have it feel free to shoot me an email and I can send you a few images.

I also have solid experience with GM 1.4 so I can help program as well if needed. (Also concerning art it will be a lot easier to communicate regarding sprites and animations.)

Feel free to contact me at if interested. Any questions are welcome too whether it be here or otherwise :)

Really looking forward to participating!

Hey! I'm interested in working with someone on this jam. I've got some good gml fundamentals, but it would be nice to work with someone who can look at code with me. Should I email you, or are you looking for something in particular?



You can definitely email me! (I could probably send art that way too without spamming too much here)

Im young indie game developer from Poland
Im also working on GMS1.4, not any advanced skills
I also do pixelart but it's REALLY bad compared to any pixelart game or art ;)
Maybe we can work together :D