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I'm really ecstatic with the reception regarding the art, it's something I really put a lot into and it just gives me the affirmation that it might get to where I want it one day. The mouse controls also confused me a bit as well at first and I don't think implementing an action button would be too difficult, so I'll take note of that along with labeling which now that I look back on it I have no idea why we didn't think to add that in to begin with. 

Believe it or not though we actually did have assets to distinguish the pet's minds from each other, just not enough time to add them in. (Of course we took the more tedious way and ran out of time haha.) Our solution ended up being putting the pet itself at the start which sort of worked, but more decorations would've been nice and will likely be a thing in the next iteration. 

Thanks to all of the feedback we have a lot of things to improve for future iterations and I'm really happy about that. Thanks for the insight, and thank you for playing! :)

A better tutorial is a priority right now, and it's certainly something the game falls short on. Super happy to hear you like the art style though, I'm always trying to improve it. Really great feedback, and of course thanks for playing! :)

If I could somehow feature this comment I would.

I think it's funny you mentioned that, because I thought the same exact thing. I want to add in warning signs/actual consequences as soon as possible, because that would definitely add a ton of urgency in regards to keeping resources in check. We all agreed that the prototype should be more low risk until the balancing was done, as to not make the game unintentionally unplayable. So regarding this build, it was a matter of a trade off. I 100% want to see this in the final iteration though and I'm really happy you brought it up. Thanks so much for checking out the game, we seriously appreciate it! :)

The randomly generated placement proved to be a problem but by the time we realized we were out of time. That's something that will take a bit more time to fix but will definitely have to be done if we want the game to be at its best. I'm really glad you liked the concept because I wasn't completely sure how it would be received. Thank you for the feedback, and as always thanks for playing! :)

The material bug is my biggest pet peeve too, so that's probably a big thing that's going to be fixed after the judging period is over. Along with a better tutorial as well of course. The music was also made in a very short period of time so we're definitely fixing that and might even add a couple of new tracks on. Thanks so much for playing! :)

Can do! After all it's a bit of a first draft. Time constraints were a thing too in regards to that.

I'm surprised you came back to it but I'm glad you did! (The general consensus that I'm getting is that it's confusing, and we sorta anticipated that since we weren't able to spend as much time on a tutorial which in hindsight would've been a way better idea.) The insight is really helpful though as the game needs a lot of balancing as far as numbers and pacing goes. As always, thank you for playing! :)

Thanks so much for checking it out, I seriously appreciate it! It's a very early iteration so there's room for a lot of improvement. Your commentary was really great! :)

Thank you for the feedback, it's really helpful! Also as far as resource managing goes there's supposed to be a little bit of strategy involved, but since it's the first build we're still trying to balance everything out so something frustrating like that doesn't happen. Also I just found the bug you mentioned, I think I know why that's happening so it should be fixed by the time we update.

A bit of advice I would give starting out is to sell energy from the starter unless you can afford the blob pet. I would buy it outright. (It doesn't require maintenance and consistently outputs energy, just at a slower rate.) Again we're still balancing everything so comments like these certainly help. Thanks for checking it out! :)

Thanks for the feedback, and I see what you mean. Anyway it's just another resource but it's harder to get rid of and you can't sell it. (Hint: A certain pet that you buy can get rid of it for you.)

Besides that, it will likely play a bigger role when we update. Thanks for taking a look!

Yeah, instead of uploading the zip I just uploaded the exe. It should work now. :)

Sorry about that! It should be fixed now. :)

This is amazing, thank you for sharing!

You can definitely email me! (I could probably send art that way too without spamming too much here)

Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for a team. Normally I work on projects by myself but I feel like collaborating could be really fun and getting something done in such a short amount of time sounds really exciting.

If you'd like to see some quick examples of  pixel art I've done you can look up @breadvox on IG. (I can do different resolutions but those are just some basic examples.) Of course if you don't have it feel free to shoot me an email and I can send you a few images.

I also have solid experience with GM 1.4 so I can help program as well if needed. (Also concerning art it will be a lot easier to communicate regarding sprites and animations.)

Feel free to contact me at if interested. Any questions are welcome too whether it be here or otherwise :)

Really looking forward to participating!