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Fables of Arteapia: Harold's Last StandView game page

Harold's Last Stand Game Jam Entry
Submitted by Kima Prince (@MeikeKima) — 10 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Fables of Arteapia: Harold's Last Stand's page


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Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Custom Assets
Mild edits. Other's Plugins/Art. Credited in games credits at end of game.

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I enjoy how it can go on for a long time, i think its a  very fun game!


I agree with the other comments: this game overshot its mark. It looks like you worked really hard on this game, but you tried to do too much and overscoped. Like Human said, try going for a smaller, shorter experience next time.


I think my comments are in line with the others. This has a lot of cools stuff in it it for sure, but it is way too open ended and long for a game jam. 

I get the lack of polish due to time constraints, so removing about 3/4 of the entire world, making random encounters about 25% as likely, removing any open world wandering would have focused the game and let more people see the whole story arc. If the story all occurred in one single dungeon that had multiple rooms, a boss in each room, then this would have been more game jam suitable, and it wouldn't have been less work.

Also Arteapia. . . I get it!


Full Disclosure: I have an entry in the Jam.

Spirit and essence of Harold:  Harold is the hero and leader of the party. 
Fun:  Potential is there.
Creativity:  Really well crafted game world by someone with  significant experience with RMMV and plugins. 
General Comments:  Unfortunately, it felt like I was dropped into the hollowed shell of another game.  The game world is massive. I sailed all over the place and visited dozens of towns and dungeons.  I ran into half a dozen NPCs who knew Harold and wanted to join the party although they had never been encountered before.   I was never given any sidequests so wandered aimlessly. Traveling on the overworld turned in to a chore because random encounters seemed to happen every 10 steps. Combat was imbalanced, fortunately in favor of the party. We made quick work of the mobs, but there were hundreds of them due to the high encounter rate.  I liked the Dictate book, but discovered it has a limit of ~50 entries.  When I tried to find the dialogue from the early game, I only found the quips from the last dozen battles.  I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking for and after an hour and a half, I forgot what the quest was and stopped playing.